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What's up? from the library

Aloha people!!!!
How is it going?  Are you bored out of your mind?  Feel like a prisoner in your own home?  Don't forget the online library where you can read a book that will take you anywhere you want to go.  What about Hogwarts? Go to school with the wimpy kid.......?  Spend time in the magic treehouse......?  What about nonfiction books on origami? crafts? paper airplanes? science experiments? history?
Hey, find a play online and assign parts to your family members.  See how well your parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins read with expression.  Show them what YOU can do and what you have learned.  Don't forget to read through the play first before assigning characters.  Search online:  plays for kids.  I'm pretty sure I found the Slurping Beauty, Brementown Rappers and those funny plays online.  See what kind of voice your dad uses for cinderella...haha!  What about grandma as Papa Bear?  Have fun!!!
I've attached a link (I think), remember your log in is your student id number.  Limit is 5 books.  Keep the book for 2 weeks, then it disappears from your account.  If you are done with the book, please return it instead of waiting for it to disappear.  Someone else may want to borrow that book.  Thank you!
Are you practicing self control?  Instead of fighting with your sister or brother, walk away.  See what other ways you use self control and share your stories with me when we get back to school.  I'm sure your parents are practicing self control with all you kids at home.  Hahaha!  Give your parents a break and take yourself far a book! 
Be safe kiddos!  I hope to see you very soon.  Remember to write down your self control stories to share with me.  Tell me also if you saw someone else use self control. 
Stay safe and well,
Mrs. Kuroda of Kuroda's Pogolas!  Hahahahhahha!