Makaha 1 Headstart-DOE PreK



Friday, May 22, 2020

Dear Families!
I am recuperating at home from a deep-vein clot that messed me up for a while, but am doing much better!  I thought of you all the whole time.  Here is a little video to explain to your children where I was.  YouTube added some advertising at the end that I can't seem to get rid of, sorry. 
Thank you all for continuing to work on skills with your children--pencil grip, recognizing/tracing/writing their own names,  naming shapes, colors, letters, and numerals.  Play is the work of children.  I hope that you might be inspired by the field trip video to incorporate a little learning into much of what you do, anyway, this summer, and keep practicing with the flash cards--it takes many repetitions to store information in long-term, "automatic" memory.  Please give them the opportunity to do is simpler once you get the basics down.
Much aloha,
Auntie Ms. Nelson

Announcement about office hour changes

Dear families,
Due to other meetings that cannot be moved, my Office hours will be changed on two Thursdays.
Office hours on 5-14-2020 will begin at 9:45 and go until 11:45 AM.
Office hours on 5-21-2020 will begin at 8 and go until 10:00 AM.
Hope you will be able to join in either or both of those days--I will send email invites to the new hours early morning of each of those days to be sure you will be able to "find" the meeting online.
Mahalo and aloha!

About meeting times...

Dear Parents, Thank you, if you have already chosen a fifteen+ minute time block on Monday or Tuesday between 8 AM and 6 PM in which your child can have his or her personal Google Meet with me, so that I can take a look at his or her work without the distraction of friends to see.  If you haven't yet chosen a time, please text (808-342-2347)
I would very much like to be able to give your child some 1:1 attention before the year is up!
Auntie Ms. Nelson

Here is the schedule for picking up student personal items that were left in the classroom--this could include clothing, artwork, and toys/items left in their cubbies over spring break--what a long "break" that turned out to be!

"The Mixed Up Chameleon," by Eric Carle

The author of classroom fave "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" writes about wanting to be something other than what you are...

It's Wednesday!

Letter Vv sound, numeral 2 formation, Braidy as a memory tool. Invitation to join office hours.