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The 5th grade teachers have created a new class in Google Classroom called A20/A21 Enrichment (Distant Learning).  We were able to enroll most of the students in the class on our own, because they didn't change their password.  Those not logged in need to login with your child's email and password, add a new classroom, and enter the code: msul3d2.
If you want to do the enrichment packet online (instead of paper packet), you may do so by submitting it in Google Classroom.
Aloha Makaha Families! We hope everyone has been safe and practicing safe habits through the school closure! Makaha Futbol Club (FC) will continue to run on Google Classroom. It will be focused on physical challenges and skills that soccer players need to be successful on the field. Please access our Google Classroom via your child's school account.

Google Classroom Code: 6q6y43k

Thank you and hope to see you soon!
Mr. Ayakawa
Ms. Coughlin
Mr. Gannet
Mr. Gumm

Makaha School Counselors are here to support you. Parents please use the link to our Counseling Check-In Request Form. This form will provide us with some basic information and allow us to reach out to you and your child by following up with a phone call to check-in. We miss our students and want to support them and you the best that we can during these trying times. Please let us know if you are interested and have concerns and we will give you a call back.

Makaha El. Counseling Check In Form

Dr. Hamamoto




Makaha Health Room Newsletter

Makaha Health Room Newsletter

STAR Assessment (Click on STAR Assessment for Link)
Please take the STAR Math and ELA assessments.
                Window: April 27, 2020 - May 1, 2020.
The STAR assessments will give us a good picture of where your child is currently.
Helpful Tips for taking the STAR assessments:
Setup when taking the test: 
  • A quiet area and time
  • Scratch paper, pencil, and eraser
  • Remove distractions (toys, posters, cell phones, and etc.
  • Provide encouragement and reinforcement for good test taking behavior
Children should be doing the test by themselves.