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Pray for Sets

Best Summer Ever

By Dylan Abellana

After staying home since Spring Break, I hope we are able to go out and do things during the summer because I have a lot of fun stuff I want to do during the summer break. One of my plans for the summer break is to go to the beach a lot. I like going to Pray For Sets Beach. I like jumping in the small pool when it's low tide and it's fun swimming in the waves. I also want to go to the Waterpark if they open it up. My favorite thing to ride is the Tornado and I also like going to the Lazy River to relax and play around with my family.

I also hope we have the 50th State Fair during the summer break. I plan to go and ride my favorite rides, like the Seven Seas, Sizzler and Zero Gravity. I also like eating the carnival foods like the mini fries, pizza, and caramel apples.

Another fun thing I plan to do is go school shopping for the new school year. I’m happy the malls are opening on Friday, now I can look for new clothes and shoes. I also plan to go to the Ice Palace with my cousins. I really really hope that we are all able to go out for summer instead of being stuck at home all summer long.

Last, I hope we can go back to regular school and not online school. I wonder who my teacher will be, what class I'm going to be in, and who is going to be in my class. I hope my friend Chevy Ann will be in my class again too. But, no matter what class I’m in, which teacher I have, or who will be in my 5th grade class, I still plan on having the “Best Summer Ever!”

How to make a Jelly Fruit

By Chevy Ann and Carley Gooch

Bored? Well then read this article on how to make a jelly fruit. 

Items/Ingredients you will need: 

  • Ziploc bag
  • juice/water/milk/

Now that you have your things, take your ziploc bag and pour your liquid inside your ziploc bag. Next, close your ziploc bag and twist it tight but not too tight that it will pop. Now put in your mouth and pop it with your teeth and there you have it, jelly fruit. I know you are thinking that this was short, so go check out some other articles like, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, or outdoor fun while staying home.

How Covid-19 Affected Me

By Chloe Lenchanko  

Covid-19 is really bad and I feel like it gives people less time to socialize with others. It might even give some people unhealthy habits like staying on their electronics all day, eating junk food or more food than normal, and not being active. I think it is just not fair for kids because kids want to go and play and have fun, not stay in their houses all day. 

These are the reasons why I hate Covid-19. First, Covid-19 is a virus and I hate being sick which means I hate sicknesses and Covid-19 is a sickness/virus. When I’m sick sometimes I barf and feel dizzy.  Other times, my head feels like it’s going to explode.  Second, you have to stay at home during the school year which basically diminishes your education. We need to go to school because it helps us with our future. Third, I just really hate it and I feel like i'm trapped in a little space and can not do anything about it. Oh and I forgot to mention, most adults are running low on money because of jobs and stores closing. Without money, adults have to choose between paying bills or buying food.  This means that some people don’t have enough food for their families and pets.

Does anyone feel the same about Covid-19? Am I the only one that feels this way? Well that is how I feel about covid-19. I am not sad that I feel this way. So, please stay safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask.  The only thing I like about it is that we are at home safe with our family which is fantastic.

My Life During Covid-19

By Chazz-Michael Kapahu

I feel great physically because while we were stuck at home I got so much exercise by riding my bike and skateboard to Makaha Elementary School and then back home. I also feel great mentally because since we were at home I have been training myself by using the links to the games and the worksheet that my teacher gave us.

I worry about a lot of things like if this goes for a very long time, are we going to have school in person, are the parks going to open up for everybody, and when will we have any sports activities like football, basketball, and soccer. I was playing when school was still open and I am still playing soccer. I play by myself in the front yard and with my brother. 

I have a lot of trouble doing social distancing because people sometimes just don’t care. They always come by people in line; they are not even 6 feet away from each other; they are more like two feet away. I learned that germs can go on you in so many ways. Such as by bodily fluids, touching things that are not wiped with baby wipes or Clorox wipes.

Chevy Ann’s Wonton Chip Dip

By Chevy Ann Gooch

Hey, are you bored of being bored and now you’re eating the same thing everyday? Well then read for a great new dish to try. Today I will teach you how to cook my pupu wonton chip dip. Don't forget to grab an adult in your house. Now that you’ve done that, go to your kitchen. 

Ingredients you'll need: 

  • 1 pack wonton wrappers
  • oil for frying
  • 1 pound California spicy ahi poke
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 egg yolks
  • flour.

Fill your big pot half way with oil, then put it on the stove and put the heat on 7 (medium high). Now dip your wonton wrapper in egg yolk, then add a layer of flour on each side. When that is done, put the wonton wrapper in the pot of oil 2 minutes on each side. Put the cooked wonton in a plate or foil pan lined with paper towels to cool. When all of your wonton is cooked, arrange the wonton on the end of the plate in the circle and then place your poke in the center of the plate and there you go a pupu wonton chip dip. 

Outdoor Fun While Staying Home

By Chloe Lenchanko

Are you bored of just sitting around? Do you want to learn how to entertain yourself at home? Well then, head outside to your backyard and make an obstacle course! You don’t know how? Well you picked the right article to read because this is about how to make an obstacle course.


First you need supplies to make this obstacle course and when I say you need supplies I don’t mean you have to go to a store to get supplies, I mean you can go around your house collecting all kinds of items for your supplies. For example, jump rope or rope, one or two liter bottles that are full, bricks or rocks, empty buckets, plant pots, or cones, or any other household items you think you might use. Be creative.

Second, now that you have your materials, you need to build the obstacle course. Look at your supplies to see how many obstacles you can make.  Then, decide if you want a round or a zigzag course. (You can make it look however you want.) Put the obstacles throughout your course and then test it if you like it. If you don’t like where the obstacles are, then arrange them until you like it.  

There you go, a brand new activity you just made. Enjoy your obstacle course and don't forget to have the people in your home enjoy it with you.  If it becomes too easy or you get bored, rearrange the obstacles and make them harder … or read another How To article and try something new. 

How I feel about Covid-19

By Chevy Ann Gooch

I feel very healthy now that i'm staying at home. I get to have more sleep, and I have more time at home to be active. I enjoy having more time to spend with my family, but I'm really worried for my parents because they are essential workers. It scares me that they have a possible way to get Covid-19.  Also if my parents get Covid-19 that causes a lot of questions like, who's gonna watch me and my sister, who's gonna pay the bills, and what about money.

I really like distance learning because it feels like I am homeschooled and I can avoid drama. I enjoy being homeschooled because I can focus more and when I'm at school I easily get distracted. Also I can be around family while doing school work. 

While being stuck in the house, I’ve been trying new exercises to stay fit. I've also been trying new things like baking and cooking. One food my cousin and I made was a California spicy ahi wonton chip dip. If you have been wanting to try new recipes, check out my next article where I'll be sharing how to make my savory pupu dish.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries
By Dylan Abellana

Since everybody at Makaha Elementary School has been home since spring break because of the coronavirus, no one can leave their house. I have been doing some fun things to keep me busy. Some things that I have been doing while staying at home are playing board and card games with my sister Peyton. I also go on my phone to watch YouTube videos, play games like Roblox, and Facetime with Peyton, and my cousin Tayzia.  The one thing I really liked doing was making chocolate covered strawberries.  It was really easy. 


You will strawberries and (melting) chocolate bars. You can use sprinkles if you want. 

All you have to do is make sure you wash and dry the strawberries. It is up to you if you want to cut the stems off. 

Then, you have to melt some chocolate bars in the microwave until it is all soft and melted (about a minute).  

Then just dip the strawberries in the chocolate.  I covered my whole strawberry with the chocolate. 

Then put it on a plate. If you want to add sprinkles, add them. 

Then, put them in the refrigerator to make the chocolate a little cold. 

It tasted so good. Enjoy!

Meet the Makaha Times Writers

Hello, I’m Dylan and I’m 10 years old. I’m in 4th grade and in A25, Ms. Sunstrom’s class. My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. I love to play soccer because it keeps me pumped up. I like to listen to Hawaiian and Pop music. My favorite place to eat is Cheesecake Factory because I like their Caesar salad and pasta. My favorite book is Percy Jackson because he’s half god half human. My favorite candy is Twix because the caramel is so yummy and it tastes good with the milk chocolate. My favorite hobby is surfing but I don’t go all the time because I only go with my dad. I also like to create scary Gacha Life comic books with my friend Tatiana. I like to watch David Dobrik on Youtube. TikTok and Youtube are my favorite apps because they keep me occupied. Vans is my favorite shoe brand. My Favorite two subjects in school are math and social studies because math makes me calm and social studies makes me focused and in the zone.

My name is Chevy Ann Gooch, I am in Ms. Sundstrom’s 4th grade class. My favorite subject is writing, because I love to type. My favorite sports are volleyball and soccer. I dance hula every Saturday at Na Maka. I love to eat at Button Up Cafe in town, my favorite meal from there is kalua pig tater tots. I love, love, love, FOOD! I love being a lunch monitor, because I like helping out our Makaha staff. My favorite apps are TikTok and Instagram. My Favorite song is giddy up. I love my sister Carley who is 6 years old and punches me, but she tells the best jokes. I enjoy going to the beach because swimming makes me calm. My favorite YouTube channels are FaZe Rug, Brawadis, and The ACE Family. I want to be a journalist when I grow up, because i like to interview people.

Hello my name is Chazz-Michael Kapahu but most of my friends call me Mikey. I attend Makaha Elementary School in the 5th grade and inA-21 of the teacher Miss. Takushi . I have three brothers, and one sister that has a baby named Skylee Ann. My favorite hobbies for my exercise during this pandemic are skateboarding and riding bikes.  My favorite food is bacon and Salisbury steak with gravy. I play a lot of sports but my favorite sport is basketball. My favorite team is the Golden State Warriors and I want to be like their famous MVP Steph Curry. My favorite position is point guard, I love to shoot 3 points. And also my favorite video game is Fortnite. I like Fortnite because I get to connect with my friends from school and we can talk to each other. We create skyscrapers, race tracks that we can ride golf carts on, hoverboard and quadcrusher.

My name is Chloe Lenchanko and I’m in Mrs. Donahue’s 3rd grade class in B22. My favorite thing to do is draw my own anime.  My favorite sport is football because it is fun to play. My favorite  football team is the Miami Dolphins. My favorite place to travel to is Disneyland because it has a lot of fun rides. My favorite subject is math because I like doing fractions. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love to see my family's Elf on the Shelf and I love to buy gifts for people. My favorite fruits are blueberries and strawberries. My favorite vegetable is cabbage because I like my mom’s kalua pork and cabbage. My favorite store to go to is Costco because there is sampes there. My favorite scrunchie to wear is my Santa Claus scrunchie. I like to do obstacle courses in my front yard. I also like to play with my baby sister Maya. She is so cute. 

My name is Carley Gooch. I am a 6 year old. I’m in Mrs. White’s class. I am the first kindergarten news writer! (My 4th grade sister Chevy Ann is in news writing too and helps me type out my stories.) I love to hangout with my calabash cousins. For example I like when I push my cousin in my electrical Jeep. I also like sister time with Chevy Ann. We play with Barbies and make videos. One of my favorite places to go is to the beach with my family and friends. My favorite hobby is to jump on the trampoline because I like to do cool tricks like bouncing on my knees and landing on my hands to do a handstand and front flips. My favorite food is mac & cheese because it is so cheesy. My favorite restaurant is Mad Bene, my favorite dish is their mozzarella sticks and their egg pizza. My favorite subject is arts and crafts because it's fun because you get to make new creations. I love to watch Liv and Maddie because I love the song Froyo Yolo. 

Makaha Times Staff
Dylan Abellana
4th Grade Writer
Chevy Ann Gooch
4th Grade Writer
Chazz-Michael Kapahu
5th Grade Writer
Chloe Lenchanko
3rd Grade Writer
Carley Gooch
Kindergarten Writer