Makaha's Wicked Wizards

 It was an amazing event where all 21 teams arrived with the exact same VEX claw bot (built off kit directions), were introduced to a new robotics challenge, and were given a little over an hour to modify their robot to fit the demands of the challenge before the scrimmage began.  They were not allowed to have any assistance from adults.  Our two teams came in 2nd and 3rd place at the event with Brayden Ana Frantela and Adonis Caporoz taking home a trophy for their second place win.  Their next challenge will be to compete at the U.S. Coast Guard Base with their underwater ROVs.  If you see a robotics student please congratulate them for their amazing teamwork and perseverance.  


Team Members:  

Brayden Ana Frantela, Adonis Caporoz (front), Riley Ilae (back), Owen Davidson, Kirra Dixon (Hawaii Tech Academy Student), Sydnee Suckoll


Danielle Steger, Andrew Lu