Makaha Elementary

Free Thermometers! Help stop the spread of illness :)

Exciting news!
Our school was accepted into the Kinsa FLUency School Program.
This means students and staff can get a FREE smart thermometer ($27.99 value) to use in conjunction with the FREE Kinsa app. Parents and staff will be able to utilize this app to do their daily wellness checks before school.
Simply sign up through one of the methods below and a thermometer will automatically be ordered for you (check you email to confirm). Thermometers will be sent to our school nurse, Dayna Mersberg, who will distribute them at a later date.
All information collected and shared in the app are anonymous and can not be traced back to any specific classroom or person. Even through our school nurse's Kinsa portal, Nurse Dayna is only able to see information posted as "anonymous."
We are excited to offer this to all of you, as well as our families, who may not have access to a thermometer at home.
If you wish to participate please sign up as soon as possible before supplies run out. We anticipate receiving digital brochures in the next two days and will share them with you and our families. Please contact Nurse Dayna if you have any questions about the program: (808) 439-1307 or
How to sign up:
     a. Download the FREE app through the app store
     b. Text "FLUENCY" to 900900
     c. Using this link to input your mobile telephone number Sign up link
1. Download app
2. Click "sign up"
3. Agree to privacy policy
3. Create an account with email and password and "Sign Up"
4. Create your profile name, birthday, gender
5. In the TOP RIGHT, click on the settings icon
6. Go to the section where you "Join school" and search for Makaha
7. Select a role and a grade level
Your thermometer will automatically be ordered after the last step :)
All data is anonymous and any symptoms or illnesses shared on the app will never be tied back to a class or a specific student Kinsa Privacy Policy